As experts in high performance business, we help New Zealand organisations compete by developing their strengths and competitive advantages.  Rather than just showing you how to use performance improvement tools, our Consultants have the necessary industry and management experience to coach your organisation towards sustainable industry best results.

Our people are our difference

Results proven and experienced leaders that understand how to engage people across the organisation.

For us, it’s not enough for our Consultants to be capable of just teaching methods and tools, they are also highly experienced in change management, people engagement and operational strategy deployment.


Transporting high ideals into a real world business scenario is where many organisations need expert help. The question of “how does this work in our environment?” is a natural question to be asked.

Our team avoid “Consultant Speak” and ideological rhetoric, instead drawing upon our significant experience to develop real solutions for unique processes and industry environments from manufacturing to the service sector.

(Senior Partner)


Dave has been with LMAC in New Zealand for over 9 years.  Formerly a senior manager during a 15 year career at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in the UK, Dave has a wealth of experience in developing management teams and systems capabilities that sustain high performance organisations.  Dave is driven by achieving results through people using his down to earth style and relentless focus upon the client’s business objectives.

(Senior Partner)


Alastair joined LMAC in 2009, and since then has become a senior partner in the business. Prior to joining LMAC, Alastair was employed by Toyota Motor Manufacturing where he was heavily involved with high level strategy development and deployment within the framework of the renowned Toyota Production System. Since then, Alastair has studied Business Strategy development alongside some of the world leaders in this field at the famed London Business School. Alastair has developed LMAC’s unique business strategy model that incorporates latest global thinking for high level performance organisations. Alastair is currently supporting clients in New Zealand across a broad spectrum of industries including Health Care, manufacturing and technical services.

(Founder and Senior Partner)


Nigel formed LMAC as a New Zealand owned and operated company back in 2005.  Passionate about developing stronger, more profitable business organisations, he continues to study global approaches towards high performance business operations. During this time, New Zealand’s LMAC have been projected onto the world map where they have engaged extensively across Asia and Europe competing successfully with the “big four”. Nigel’s aim is to keep LMAC ahead of the curve with regards to international best practice and, to continue providing New Zealand business organisations with the best possible advice.

 “Lmac’s strength lies with its people – pragmatic, focused and they deliver on what they promise.”

Bryce Howard - CEO - Tasti Products Ltd

(Senior Consultant)


James has been with LMAC for over 5 years and has supported clients across multiple industry sectors develop their organisation structure, people and business systems maturity. Prior to this, James worked extensively across Europe, the USA and Japan consulting in sustainable business process improvement in large multi-national organisations. During his time with LMAC, James has extended his industry coverage to include many FMCG organisations, Laboratories and further work in the health care sector.

More recently, James has co-developed a unique Lean component of the Healthcare Home Model with Midland Healthcare Ltd.

(Senior Consultant)


Along with the rest of the team, Stuart understands people and, what it takes to engage all levels of an organisation on a journey of change.  He has a strong background in food and beverages, having previously held management positions at the likes of Nestle and George Western Foods.  His energy and passion for helping Kiwi businesses perform better through their people is tangible, and he uses this to full effect to create momentum and drive with his clients.

(Supply Chain Systems)


Peter specialises in Supply Chain Systems.  Formerly a Senior Manager in Supply Chain for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Peter has been consulting in this specialised field for more than 10 years.  Peter is a recognised thought leader in how to optimise supply chain systems that balance inventory, lead times and cost, combining his academic achievement with managerial accomplishment to develop “real world” solutions. His specialist areas include Planning, Sourcing, Value Add, Storage, Distribution and their inter-relationships. Recently, Peter has been working extensively in Cold Storeage operations across New Zealand helping increase capacity, reduce handling, reduce product damage and improve DIFOT.

Peter’s approach is thoughtful and considered, enabling him to build strong working relationships throughout an organisation.

“The benefit to our business can be measured in multiple millions. ”

Chris Patient - Manufacturing and Supply Chain - Tait Communications

(Supply Chain Systems)


Lyndon has over 30 years experience in the logistics and supply chain industry in management positions and consulting roles.  During this period, he has supported many iconic organisations in New Zealand and Australia, helping them adapt in an ever changing globalised environment. From Business wide reviews of supply chain strategies, S&OP improvements, Warehouse design and 3PL strategy development, Lyndon has the experience and expertise to support both large and small organisations optimise their supply chain.

(Senior Consultant)


Richard’s career has seen him spend significant time in both the UK and New Zealand.  During this time, Richard has worked extensively in Engineering, Production Planning and Leadership roles within internationally recognised Lean organisations such as SCA Hygiene and Sealed Air Corporation.  Richard joined LMAC Consulting 3 years ago, bringing a wealth of “people centric” skills in engaging all levels of an organisation in a improvement journeys.  His extensive experience in Production Planning/MRP’s in pull system environments help fully integrate planning and processing teams in new ways of working.  More recently, Richard has been working extensively in the food and farming industries, helping clients build performance capability in a sustainable way.

(Senior Consultant)


Nick has recently joined the LMAC team, and New Zealand from the UK.  For the last 10 years, Nick has been consulting in the field of high performance business for the leading European firm Unipart Expert Practices.  He brings significant experience in leading edge best practice and “what best looks like” in a wide range of world class organisations.  Nick has already seen just how much more agile and decisive Kiwi organisations are, and sees big potential for these organisations to use this competitive advantage even further.

“LMAC don’t just engage people by chance – they have a strategy for engagement that really works”

Steven Carden - Chief Executive - Landcorp

(Finance Controller)


Kathryn has been with us for over 8 years, making sure our internal accounts run as smoothly as one would expect of a Lean organisation.  Kathryn shares our view that doing the basics well is the foundation of a solid organisation, and represents the mindset of the business.  We make sure that we recognise our own internal achievements as well as those of our clients.




Beth has a busy role within the business, keeping up with rapid changes in the way people consume information and emerging marketing techniques.  Her task is to display LMAC’s core competencies in a honest, yet engaging way to relevant organisations.  Her target is to display the fact that we have more relevant competencies and, a greater degree of experience in High Performance Operations than the “big 4” in New Zealand.

“ The training far exceeded our expectations, for each $1 of training investment we received a 10 fold return in cost savings, performance gains and capacity increases “

John O’Callaghan - CEO - Tumblar Products







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