We believe in designing effective supply chains that balance cost minimisation with the ability to manage variability. We do this by helping you build supply chain capabilities that are driven by your business strategy and markets.

Our Supply Chain experts have a vast amount of experience in developing and managing complex, yet highly effective and efficient supply chains, from S&OP, logistics, warehousing to inventory management, pick efficiency, space reduction and world class DIFOT.  Our model incorporates Lean and Agility principles that work most effectively in New Zealand.

The concept of “Lean,” which is essentially an approach to eliminating waste from the viewpoint of the customer, has been around in one form or another for many years, at least in manufacturing. Increasingly, it is being applied to Supply Chain management strategies within organisations across the world, leading to reduced costs from labour, lead time and inventory.

Within the Cold Storage environment LMAC have worked with ANZCO to improve the manual blast utilisation from 55% to a current average of 70%. This was achieved by optimising the flow of product through the Distribution Centre and engaging with staff to improve and maintain the gains. With Cold Storage Nelson (CSN) a project to improve the movement of Kiwi Fruit during the peak season was initiated – this involved visual management practices aligned with better operational flow through the cold store.

“LMAC’s Current State Assessment approach exceeded our expectations. The feedback sessions that occurred during the week were massively thought provoking, the CSA team provided insight into how to improve our business not just operations. LMAC are not just your average Lean/Productivity improvement specialist – they can add real value and depth of insight for end to end business improvements.”

Mark Garmey - General Manager NZ - Toll Global Forwarding Division



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