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Funding for Industry 4.0 readiness.

Government funding opportunities to assess your facility for Industry 4.0 readiness.


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Monday 23rd November 2020


Getting on board with Industry 4.0 Webinar

Friday 3oth October 10am

LMAC in conjunction with EMA

What we do:

Organisations engage us when there is a need for significant operational improvement. We use strategy and our broad range of skills and experience to solve operational issues and deliver results.

How we do it:

We evaluate your entire value chain, establish opportunities and then build a strategic plan to streamline your operation. From Supply chain, S&OP, logistics and processing, we have a team of experts to draw on.

Some of our clients:

“The LMAC team were extremely flexible and added incredible value to the project through their expertise, mentoring and coaching.”
“The engagement model that LMAC use has worked incredibly well for us.”
“LMAC helped us transform our operation methods and culture to drive the continual search for a better way.”

Our expertise.

Our expertise is in lifting operational productivity to a level beyond that of your competition. To do this, we focus on strategy, process and people.


LMAC has developed and refined a Strategy Build Model specifically for the New Zealand business environment that engages all levels of an organisation. It is unique, tried and tested, and has delivered amazing results across different industries from Healthcare, Veterinary and Laboratory, to FMCG and Manufacturing.

We use our significant first-hand experience of leadership to develop training and mentoring programs that align directly with your organisation’s problems and goals. Unlike many leadership programs, our mentors have years of experience tackling persistent problems and helping teams achieve business goals. Our programs are results-based, and we’ll help you measure the outcome of your investment.

People Development

process design

Any business operation from service provision to manufacturing products is a series of processes. Whether automated or manual these processes need to be balanced and work in harmony to ensure inputs are minimised and outputs maximised. Process architecture is the foundation of operational productivity.

LMAC are leading Industry 4.0 initiatives across New Zealand by partnering with highly regarded institutions such as Callaghan Innovation and EMA (Employers and Manufacturers Association). Together, we’re focusing attention on technologies that are capable of delivering significant benefits to New Zealand’s SME landscape in an affordable and practical way.

Industry 4.0


Make New Zealand Great

There’s a growing recognition amongst economists and industry leaders that the off-shore manufacturing model has peaked and is in decline…



“The engagement model that LMAC use has worked incredibly well for us. They understand that every organisation has its own challenges and have worked closely with us to develop our own bespoke solutions and practices.”


Industry 4.0 – Show me the Money

There’s an image that industry 4.0 technologies cost a lot of money. SME manufacturers typically like short term ROI. So, we have a challenge.


Tegel Foods

“Through this interactive strategy build process, we have been able to align nationally. This has been one of the most successful approaches to enable the national roll-out, standardisation and regional accountability.”


The matrix and the future of NZ manufacturing

Founder and CEO of LMAC Consulting, Nigel Reaney is passionate about developing stronger, more profitable business organisations. Here he discusses what Industry 4.0 means for New Zealand’s SMEs.


Why Strategic Plans Fail

Everyone understands that to be successful, a company needs a good strategy, right? We can all think of trendy companies that have disrupted the market through having a great ‘Strategy’, Apple, Uber, Airbnb, I’m sure you can think of lots more…

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