COVID – 19

Manufacturing Rapid Restart Initiative


During the lockdown, we’ve been busy supporting our clients in the essential business sectors. Together we have tackled many challenges presented by the virus, some expected but many not so. For manufacturers, we have some valuable learning and lessons to support your organisation in the restart. Take this opportunity to give your business the best chance of restarting profitably and safely.

operating safely

For general advice on how to continue operating safely during Covid 19 please visit the worksafe website.

Guidelines for NON-food manufacturers

More detailed guidelines and procedures, endorsed by worksafe, for non-food manufacturing companies are available on the EMA website.

Below we outline some government funding options.

Offering 01.

Business Continuity Planning

Virtual one to one support

How to run profitably under varying scenarios.

Most businesses will need to tear up their previous annual objectives and think again. There are many scenarios that could play out but planning for these now will help you rapidly execute contingencies as the landscape unfolds.

Do it now. The lockdown represents a very rare occasion – leadership think time. Use it to your advantage, keep your people sharp and ready for the restart.

Fully funded up to $5K plus GST per service, capped at $5K (for qualifying organisations)

Offering 02.

Rapid Restart Program

Virtual one-on-one coaching

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

Post lockdown, manufacturers will face significant difficulties.

  • Product demand change
  • Broken supply chains
  • Operator distancing
  • Bottle necks & output constraints

This service is to provide support to get NZ Manufacturers back on their feet.

Offering 03.

Build Accountability – Stay Above the Line


Sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation.

Re-starting following the lockdown will be a brief sigh of relief for many manufacturers, followed by a long road to full recovery.  There will be many challenges ahead that will require people at all levels of the organisation to be positive and engaged in the recovery against a backdrop of fear and uncertainty.

This accountability workshop sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation.  It will help your teams stay above the line and be a part of solutions to difficult problems.

This workshop is available online during Alert levels 3 and 4

Offering 04.

Business and digital enablement strategy

site diagnostic

Site diagnostic designed to identify Digital Readiness.

Digital enablement & productivity advisory for SME manufacturers in response to COVID-19. 
This service is to facilitate a site diagnostic designed to identify Digital Readiness, post COVID-19 and the identification of Productivity Improvements, for manufacturers. This is across all sub-sectors, including food and beverage manufacturers. 

With our wide range of experience within all sectors of manufacturing and processing, we are able to offer professional support and advice, throughout your business. 

Fully funded up to $5K plus GST per service, capped at $5K (for qualifying organisations)

Knowledge and results

Below is a selection of related results and customer experiences.


Tait Communications

“Through the Rapid Jishuken activity we were able to re-engineer our processes to produce 300% of our previous maximum capacity within 2 weeks”

Chris Patient Group Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager, Tait Communications 


Covid 19 Manufacturing – things Toyota would do

We’ve read the headlines of established manufacturers and even Formula 1 teams rapidly adapting their manufacturing processes to produce essential products.  This type of response really shines a light on the fact that demand truly does breed innovation.