Client Results

Industry 4.0 Project
Tait Electronics


Product Similarity Modelling

Tait are one of NZ’s largest electronic goods manufacturers.  They utilise a number of robotics lines to build the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) boards that make up their product range.  The short-run size nature of the Tait product line and market means that there are large efficiency gains available if product similarities can be understood and this learning is applied to optimising the robotic line set up.


This project grouped surface mount technology (SMT) products such that the overall component mix within each group was optimised for a single robotic SMT line. This resulted in fewer changeovers and therefore greater productivity.  The main tools and approaches being utilised from the I4 suite are:

  • High volume data capture and time-series tracking
  • IoT connectivity of systems
  • Machine Learning to divide the entire product base into homogenous groupings

The first phase of this project is complete, Tait is now using the groupings determined by the machine learning to optimise their robotics production lines.


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