Client Results

Improved labour utilisation
Pamu New Zealand


Data driven decisions improve labour utilisation

  • Improved Planning of farm activities
  • Short & longer term activity planning visually displayed and discussed
  • Greater labour utilisation
  • Key farm metrics monitored daily / weekly / monthly
  • Issues proactively raised and dealt with by all farm staff
  • Pride in farm made visual and all standards understood
  • Visual Planning boards for tasks with accountabilities and follow up adherence tracking weekly
  • Process driven labour utilisation to ensure tasks required can be completed with the available capacity
  • Effective Operations Meeting deployed using Concern, Cause, Countermeasure philosophy
  • Formal process for planning to aid all staff managers
  • Continuous improvement culture developed & thriving by using data to drive decisions

“LMAC have been instrumental in supporting the introduction of visual planning tools and follow up coaching to help us make improvements. Challenging our current thinking on how to plan our tasks better and ensuring all our staff are involved in how the farm operates and improves”

Sam Bunny Farm Business Manager, Rangitaiki Station, Taupo

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