Client Results

2 week activity, $1.5m benefit
Tait Communications


Tait Communications produce critical communications equipment in Christchurch.  Faced with a sudden and temporary demand of 4 times their production capacity for hand-held radios, they were faced with a rapid response or missing out on a $1.5m opportunity.

The Problem
  • No time to recruit for a 2nd shift
  • No time or budget for additional production equipment
  • In-line equipment Cycle Time constraints
The Solution
  • Rapid in-house production of temporary jigs
  • “table-top” processing lines set up
  • Temporary materials delivery system introduced
  • Bottleneck equipment inventory system
  • In-line process taken off-line to supply 2 lines


“Through the Rapid Jishuken activity we were able to re-engineer our processes to produce 300% of our previous maximum capacity within 2 weeks”

Chris Patient Group Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager,
Tait Communications 

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