Business and digital enablement strategy​

Digital enablement & productivity advisory for SME manufacturers in response to COVID-19. 
This service is to facilitate a site diagnostic designed to identify Digital Readiness, post COVID-19 and the identification of Productivity Improvements, for manufacturers. This is across all sub-sectors, including food and beverage manufacturers. 

With our wide range of experience within all sectors of manufacturing and processing, we are able to offer professional support and advice, throughout your business. 

Delivery method

Some preparation done remotely via phone, Skype, Zoom. 
Collaborative advisory service to be facilitated on site. 


At the completion of this service, we will be able to advise on the prioritises to be completed to improve performance. With a focus on what can be done now, all improvement options presented will be practical and realistic in terms of manufacturers having the financial means, skills and time to adopt them.


Cost is $250 per hour plus GST.

This offering is fully funded for many organisations. 


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