Rapid Restart Program for NZ Manufacturing

The Rapid Restart Program is based upon Toyota’s Jishuken approach to underperforming processes. (Jishuken, unlike Lean & CI is an activity, not a culture). Management lead with our expert support. Rapid in achieving massive productivity increase in a short period of time.

For many, it will be the tool to use now.

Delivery method

Step 01.
Diagnose the problem – 2 days

Step 02.
Design the solutions – 3 days

Step 03.
Implement rapid change – 5 days


Trebling of productivity in 2 weeks – we’ve done it.

Through the Rapid Jishuken activity we were able to re-engineer our processes to produce 300% of our previous maximum capacity within 2 weeks.

Chris Patient,
Group Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager,
Tait Communications


Different funding options available
Please enquire for details


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