The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us.

Industry 4.0

LMAC are New Zealand’s leading Industry 4.0 experts. 

The Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network (Network Site Visits) is powered by Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand’s innovation agency. As part of the Government’s Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network, Callaghan Innovation is funding opportunities provided by the EMA and LMAC to assess your facility for Industry 4.0 readiness. 

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Unlike equipment and technology providers, we are not tied to a solution.  Instead, we evaluate your organisation, processes and technology to establish what the problems and opportunities are and then consider cost effective solutions that are proven and reliable.

Our skills and experience fall into 3 major categories:


  • Strategy and Governance for Industry 4.0 implementation
  • People and Development needs  
  • Readiness for technology and change


  • Processes and systems currently in place (physical and IT architecture) 
  • Vertical and Horizontal integration / connectedness of your operation
  • What needs to be changed and what doesn’t


  • Mechatronics
  • Data/Artificial Intelligence/Robotic Process Automation
  • Connectivity/Internet of Things (IoT)


A sound understanding

After 16 years servicing NZ manufacturers, we have a good understanding of the issues being faced. 

  • Skills shortages
  • Poor productivity
  • How to be competitive in a low volume, high variety manufacturing environment
  • Getting good return on investment from Technology / automation initiatives without the volume of production that other countries have
  • Access to examples and best practice
  • Finding the right solution providers and access to service agents

Our approach takes account of these factors. Smaller steps in line with organisational readiness will ensure sustainable results and progression.

Organisational Readiness Assesment

100% funded only through LMAC/EMA through Callaghan Innovation (As part of the Network of Site Visits)

  • An assessment which identifies your businesses maturity across 16 dimensions key to the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 applications.
  • The most widely used and successful readiness assessment is the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).

Learn more about 100% funded assessment here.

The power of Collaboration

We’re collaborating with key partners to bring you the very best knowledge and experience. 

Our partnership with EMA/Manufacturers Network and Preferred Supplier status with Callaghan Innovation ensures you have access to invaluable insights and information along your I4 journey, and potential funding routes. 

Useful links:

EMA   //   Manufacturers Network   //   Callaghan Innovation

Knowledge and results

Below is a selection of related results and customer experiences.

New to Industry 4.0?

As part of our partnership with EMA/Manufacturers Network and Callaghan Innovation, we will be conducting free Webinars each month.  These are aimed at manufacturers wishing to understand more about technologies relevant to our own landscape here in New Zealand.  Register below to join us and our community of manufacturers.

Industry 4.0 REPORT

Free download

As part of their Internship program, two of our younger staff researched and compiled the document below – it’s a free download.

Industry 4.0 and differing international enterpretations can be confusing, and navigating through on-line academic reports can test the patience of the best of us.  If you’re a time constrained manufacturing leader, have questions and need some plain English response then feel free to contact us.  We may not be able to respond immediately, but we will get back to you.