Formerly the iconic PDL business based in Christchurch, Schneider continue to manufacture electrical products in the Garden City.  They were attempting to introduce Lean, but were struggling to translate the principles into a low volume, large product range environment.  Time was of the essence, with an impending move to smaller premises, and clear productivity improvement targets, the pressure was on.


Productivity Increase:  A prior Lean activity on one production cell had doubled output with no extra labour.
We then tripled the doubled output.

A significant reduction in Inventory through JIT systems

Shop floor space reduction allowing for a move into smaller premises

This caught the attention of Head Office in France.  We have since been sourced by them all the way from New Zealand as a key partner in their Global Lean with Suppliers Initiative

 “LMAC have the depth of Lean knowledge and tactical experience to help transform & support a business.  This is why we selected LMAC to partner us in our Global Lean with Suppliers Initiative. Our initial engagement with LMAC was back in 2005, shortly after Schneider Electric acquired the iconic PDL business in New Zealand.  LMAC’s depth of Lean expertise and ability to engage people distinguished them from other Lean providers. 

It was this experience that led us to select LMAC to partner us on our Global Lean with Suppliers Initiative across the Asia Pacific region.  Over the last 3 years, LMAC have engaged with 22 of our suppliers which has resulted in significant delivery and cost benefits within our supply chain. Schneider Electric have a long history with Lean tools and principles, and have learnt many things over the years in terms of the best approach. 

One of these learnings is to partner with only proven Lean experts that can help the many pitfalls that hinder sustainability.  In this respect, the proof is in the results with LMAC and I would strongly recommend them to others.”

Robin Adams – Director, Global Lean with Suppliers, Schneider Electric


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