• Improved response time to complete items (Single Piece Flow replaced batch build)
  • Greater visibility of labour utilisation
    (hourly monitoring of output at work area)
  • Quality defects at further processes picked up almost immediately
  • Staff mindset changed with a focus on waste reduction
  • Improved material flow reducing potential for accidents
  • Part shortages greatly reduced with introduction of Kanban
  • Processing time reduced by 18%



  • Short Interval Management with Concern, Cause, Countermeasure philosophy.
  • Line balance tool deployment to enable flexible output of line with different labour whilst maintaining output efficiency
  • Kanban deployed to avoid stock shortages on line
  • Line layout design to minimise operator movement and to optimise material flow through department
  • Video Analysis for waste & Line optimisation used by operators

“LMAC have given us the tools to introduce a whole new way of thinking. By implementing these changes we have moved from batch make to single piece flow on the Ram line which has been a huge success.

The level of staff engagement has been extremely high and with significant reductions in manufacturing times, this has allowed us to be more reactive to our customer needs.“

 Julie Glasgow – Production Manager

“ The LMAC team is very focused, result oriented and have worked very closely with us to develop a “Best Practice” model area. Their approach and expertise fits incredibly well with our staff, our culture and in helping us change our production approach of batch production to single pc flow with a target productivity increase of 20% or more.

Our staff are engaged & are much more proactive in identifying small issues and fixing them quickly. I recommend LMAC team as a great lean journey player

 Rakesh Chugh – Supply Chain / Quality Assurance Manager


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